How IT Works

How IT Works

We provide consumer VPN service (FreyaVPN) and enterprise cybersecurity products which are built as Software as a Service (SaaS) solution.

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To receive consultation about protecting your business network with our cloud VPN.

Choose preferred Security Package

We have different cybersecurity solution packages suitable for every business. Our team will help you choose the best solution tailored for your business needs.

Prepare Network for Security Test

We identify vulnerabilities in your network by running advanced penetration testing.

Getting Security Test Results

We communicate the results and implement the desired changes in your network to make it more secure.

Cyber Security helps you stay Safe

Our platform combines multiple services for data & network security

Smarticle services provide high level encryption, extensive VPN servers network, high speed, trouble-free continuous service functioning and GDPR compliance. Our consumer VPN product - FreyaVPN - does not keep any logs.

Powerful cross-platform consumer applications

VPN apps to access secure and private internet available for multiple devices.

Advanced network and data security solutions for businesses

VPN solutions for enterprises, allowing users access company resources safely and work remotely.

Advanced encryption tools for data storage

A cloud storage with strong end-to-end encryption tools for securely storing and sharing files.
Our Services

Our Core Services

Smarticle core services include Consumer VPN, Enterprise Network Security, Web Application Firewall, Cybersecurity Solutions, IT & Cloud Management and Next-generation VPN.

Consumer VPN

Our first commercial product, FreyaVPN (, provides access to secure, private, fast and free internet worldwide.

Enterprise Network Security

We are developing cloud-based network security software products for businesses. Access your corporate data securely from anywhere.

Web Application Firewall

Our state-of-art web application firewall for web servers is aiming to protect against vulnerabilities.

Cyber Security Solutions

MITM attack detection & prevention solutions for keeping businesses safer against cyber attacks.

IT & Cloud Management

SaaS business model with end2end encryption, safely storing and sharing files, access to secure cloud storage.

Next-generation VPN

Creating the VPN services of the future. We are creating decentralized blockchain-based VPN.